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    hello there good looking,

    I'm Jodi. I'm a natural foods chef and lover of healthy, wholesome, and tasty foods that have the power to make us look good from the inside out.

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    mango + white peach galette with coconut cream + a cookbook announcement!

    Chase Happiness.

    What fantastic words to live by. 

    When I was surfing the radio the other morning, I caught the tail end of a discussion on this topic, and I have not been able to get these two words out of my head since. In the same category as following you heart and dreams, this particular phrase really hits home to me. I feel like I can say with a big smile on my face that I have subconsciously always lived my life like this, more so in recently years, and I want to make sure that when I look back on my life, this phrase will have defined much of it.  

    Chasing happiness is such a wonderful thing, because it does not only about the big and the grand, it can also be about finding those little moments in your day that put a smile on your face. And sometimes, all those little happy moments are what lead us to the bigger ones. 

    Like eating a fresh white peach and mango galette with right out of the oven (small happy moment)

    Or, writing on a cookbook that is going to be released in the Summing of 2014 (giant happy moment) 

    Yep. That was my way of announcing to you that for the past few months, I have been keeping a big, huge, ginormous, happy secret from you. For the past few months, I have been working on my first cookbook that is going to be loaded with the same kind of goodness that you get here. 

    I guess it goes without saying that writing a cookbook has always been a dream of mine. I always thought that writing a cookbook would be the ultimate tangable object to define my life in the kitchen. I've been chasing that happy dream for years, and here we are. Wow. I could not be more excited.


    My book, title is still in the works, is going to be published in the Spring of 2014 by Skyhorse Publishing. It is going to have a party theme (you know I love a good party). It's going to have the same kinds of healthy indulgent recipes you find here, but with a focus on entertaining. Fun party food, dinner party menus and tips, and ton and tons of inspiring photos. I seriously cannot wait to share it with you. In the meantime, I will be sure to be giving lots of updates on the book here, including sneak peaks of some of the recipes, as well as plenty of instagrams and behind the scene photos. 

    So today, in celebration, I made you a galette. A galette is a fancy word for a not-so-fancy pie. It's rustic, it's rough around the edges, it's crazy delicious. It is about 10 times easier to make than a pie, and pretty much fool-proof. If you know me, you are well aware of my love for pie ... but I have to tell you something .... these easy-going galettes may have won my heart over.

    Go! Chase happiness. Eat some pie (or a galette). Let's celebrate! 

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    4 delicious + healthy smoothies for summer

    Now that summer is approaching, I am all about smoothies. For breakfast, for a snack, or just for fun. 

    Today, I am sharing my four of my favorite smoothies recipes over at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

    Head over there for some juicy info on all the super ingredients in these smoothies, and of course, for some more pretty pics. 

    Here are the recipes I am sharing over there today:


    Chocolate Almond Butter

    ½ cup of almond butter

    1 cup of rice milk

    2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder

    1 ripe banana

    3 tablespoons of hemp seeds


    Acai Blueberry Chia

    1 cup frozen organic blueberries

    1 packed of frozen acai

    1 Greek style yogurt

    ½ cup of rice milk


    Peach Mango Carrot 

    1 ripe mango

    1 ripe peach

    1 carrot

    1 cup of rice milk

    1-2 tablespoons of flax


    Happy Green Smoothie

    a handful of spinach (kale, or any dark leafy green will work)

    1 avocado

    1 ripe banana

    1 apple

    1 tablespoon of flax or hemp or chia seeds

    a couple of leaves of cilantro / parsley (optional)

    1 + cups of water



    • To make the smoothies, it is best to add the liquid first, and then about half of the ingredients. Blend, and then add the remaining ingredients. At the end add about 3-4 ice cubes and blend one last time.
    • Always be sure to remove any stems or seeds from the fruit, and if your ingredients are organic do not peel the skin (they contain lots of healthy nutrients). Also, be sure to dice the ingredients, it makes for easier blending.
    • Always look for what is fresh and in season, and organic is always best. Frozen is great too, especially for the fruits that are not in season, but be sure to look for frozen organic ingredients as well.
    • The ingredients listed here are mostly a guideline. Feel free to add in other ingredients that you think would work well or leave something that you do not like or have on hand. Experiment. Find out what works for you.
    • You can make these ahead of time, and store them in an airtight container in the fridge. Mason jars work great for this. They will stay fresh for about 1-2 days.
    • Have fun + enjoy!

    strawberry peach cobbler

    Ahhhh Summer.  I never want it to end.  

    I love spending mornings at the beach, and afternoons in the pool.  

    I love going to the farmers market and picking out uber ripe tomatoes, and super sweet corn.

    I love eating lobster and drinking rosé.

    I love wearing flip flops and bathing suits.

    I love having cocktails at sunset and eating dinner outside. 

    I love summer foods. Summer fruits, summer vegetables, and summer recipes. 

    There are some recipes that are strictly for summer. And some that are just better in the summer. Fresh fruit crumble is just better in the summer. Simply because the fruit and berries ... are .... fresh. 

    On a trip to the farm stand the other morning, I was so happy to find my first bunch of squishy ripe peaches, which just happened to be sitting right next to a pint of bright red, beautiful, ripe strawberries. Heaven in a little green bio-degradable container. 

    ripe peaches + ripe strawberries = delicous summertime dessert

    And we all know what happenes next .....  

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    peach & tomato gazpacho