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    hello there good looking,

    I'm Jodi. I'm a natural foods chef and lover of healthy, wholesome, and tasty foods that have the power to make us look good from the inside out.

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    chocolate + almond butter + banana bites | cacao crunch


    Recently, the best place to find me would be standing in front of my refrigerator with a spoon in a jar of almond butter. This is new to me. I've officially crossed over to the dark side. Please tell me you've been there too. 

    This love for almond butter crept up on me slowly until it became a full-blown obsession. Now, my day is not complete without a scoop of almond or peanut butter in my mouth. 

    I've been trying to come up with different ways to feed my all my AB/PB cravings. I'll have a scoop of it over some banana after a workout, I smear it over some apples for a mid-day snack, I make it in a smoothie with cacao and mint and have it for breakfast, and I eat it straight out of the jar .... oh sorry, I've already mentioned that. 



    I've been trying to come up with another way that I can devour my favorite treat, and I decided I wanted something that incorporated not just almond butter, but my favorite things to eat with my almond butter. 

    I thought about dipping bananas into some sort of almond butter chocolate concoction, then I thought, sure that would be great, but how often am I going to make that. Then, the light bulb went off. I can just blend everything together and make fun little bite sized snack things. Simple. Easy. Yes! 

    You know what is awesome about these bites? I can eat them for breakfast and I pretend like I am being really bad, but actually I am being really really good. Give me one of these little bites over a muffin any day of the week. In fact, give me 7. These also make awesome snacks, as well as dessert that you can bring over to a friend's house. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, this could be one of the healthiest and tastiest little bites you will ever put in your mouth. 

    Be sure to adjust any ingredients depending on the amount that you are going to eat out of the jar/blender. 

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    hazelnut truffles rolled in goji berries // raw + vegan + gf

    If we're anything alike, you probably pretend that you don't care all that much about Valentine's Day, but deep down you love it and you're secretly hoping for a surprise delivery of big, beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

    When I was single, sometimes I would hope that some really hot guy like ..... say ..... Bradley Cooper would send an enormous lovely bouquet of flowers to my work. You know, because stuff like that happens on Valentine's Day all the time. 

    Now that I am happily married, I still pretend like I don't care all that much, and I still secretly hope that Michael will surprise me with flowers, or a food-related thing. And he does. He always does well. 

    {and ... sorry Brad, you can hold the flowers, Michael beat you to the chase.}


    I love Valentine's Day. It's a holiday about love. It's another reason to show the person/people in your life that you love them. It does not have to be a romantic type of love, it can be a friendship love, a parental love, an animal love. Celebrating love is a wonderful thing. 

    I think one of the best ways to show someone you love them it to make something for them. And when that something is raw, vegan and loaded with super healthy vitamins and antioxidants, well then you are spreading extra special love all around. 

    Nothing says "I love you" like homemade chocolate truffle rolled in a powerful aphrodisiac. Yes you heard me correctly. Goji berries are known in Asian herbalism not only for their high antioxidant content, but also for their aphrodisiac qualities.

    Every single ingredient in this truffle is a super ingredient with superpowers. Cacao, cinnamon, coconut oil, and hazelnuts are all great for us, especially when consumed raw. 

    I cannot think of a better gift than a homemade truffle that is as chocolatey and tasty as it is good for you. 

    Happy Valentine's Day! XO


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    raw fudge brownies with a vanilla raspberry puree

    let's talk truths. 

    truth: I love NY

    truth: sometimes I try and tell myself that the green smoothie I had for breakfast will negate the french fries I had at lunch 

    truth: I'm uncomfortable with the question: "what's your favorite recipe?" because I do not have a favorite recipe 

    truth: I love my husband more and more every day (yes, I am one of those people)

    truth: I just ate an entire container of hummus and mary's gone crackers and I was not even hungry

    truth: I hug my dog on average 7 times a day 

    truth: I make raw brownies all the time, however, when coming up with this new raw brownie recipe it took me 4 tries to get it all just right

    truth: these raw fudge brownies are gooey, chocolaty, and addictingly delicious

    truth: raw cacao (like the kind you use to make these brownies) has the highest amount of antioxidants per serving of any "superfood"

    truth: raspberries and chocolate are totally meant for each other

    truth: these brownies and the vanilla raspberry sauce are made without butter, eggs, sugar, and guilt 

    truth: these brownies will definitely cure chocolate cravings and impress friends 

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    date & almond balls rolled in coconut

    As our wedding gets closer and closer, I find that I am spending less and less time in the kitchen.  Not to say that I wouldn't rather be in the kitchen.  I'd always rather be in the kitchen.  It's just not my reality at the moment. I will surely make up for lost time once I'm all married and honeymooned. 

    As wedding planning goes, my days have slowly become ravaged with emails, writing, planning, shopping, decision making, hair styling, talking, meeting, trying things on, and just plain doing. And one month from tomorrow all of these things will culminate in one very special event. And then it will all be over {sigh, relief}. Or should I say, it will be the beginning?

    Yep ... that sounds better. The beginning. 

    Beginning of our life together. Beginning of forever love. Beginning of our life filled with lots of love ... and walks on the beach, cocktails at sunset, late night chats, and of course lots of really really good food. 

    I can hardly wait for the beginning to get here. 

    Until then, between the all of the decision making and shoe shopping, I have managed to sneak into the kitchen from time to time.  One of the things I have been working on is a recipe for vegan lemon bars.  Sounds yum, doesn't it? Well, don't get too excited, it's not quite ready to share yet. 

    However, during a failed lemon bar attempt I did come up with these little gems. Date, almond, coconut balls. 

    In case you haven't noticed, I've been on a bit of an almond/coconut/date kick lately.  Maybe it's because I love all three ingredients individually, maybe it's because they are the foundation of a lot of my sweet treats. Either way, these might be one of the best little treats I have ever accidentally made. 

    For the past week or so, Michael and I have been having these every night for dessert with a scoop of vanilla cashew ice cream.  They are absolute heaven. And tooootaly on the "pre-wedding diet" ;)

    They're simple to make, and they make a beautiful presentation.  Coconut, dates, almonds, simple, and beautiful is what I am all about right now. Emphasis on keeping it simple. 

    date & almond balls rolled in coconut

    about 12-15 balls


    1 cup of almonds
    2 tablespoons of refined coconut oil
    a pinch of sea salt
    6-8 medjool dates
    1/2 cup of shredded coconut 


    • In a high powered blender or food processor, pulse the almonds until you have the consistency of a fine meal. 
    • Then add in the salt and coconut oil, and while the blender is running begin to add in the dates a little at a time. Keep adding until all of the dates have been added and everything is well combined. 
    • Pour the date/almond mixture into a bowl, and spread the coconut out on a plate. Begin to shape the balls. Take about about a quarter size (or a little larger) of the date/almond mixture and roll it around in the palm of your hand until you have a firm, packed, round shape. Then roll them around in the coconut to coat.  Repeat until the date/almond mixture is done. 
    • You can eat these right away, or store them in the refrigerator to enjoy at a later time. Once they have chilled a little they become more firm.  Depending on the freshness of the ingredients, they should last for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator. 



    blueberry key lime tart // raw